The Keys of Life


One step beyond time on the keys of life the beautiful music we played when we sang and danced and laughed and ran through the years wind in our face hair flying carefree no worries no struggles freedom Yes…play a song for me on the keys of life dance backwards and the years erase the […]

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Mission Accomplished

The seemingly impossible task of clearing out the Momma’s home and getting her settled in her new space, all by the end of 2014…December 31, 2014 by the stroke of midnight…was accomplished!   At 10:00pm my SUV, jam-packed with the things I couldn’t fit into her new space but couldn’t possibly get rid of, pulled out […]

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Haiku Multiple ~ 8/31/14

My head’s so heavy I can hardly hold it up End of the summer Reaching for the sky I have grown in many ways Grateful for lessons I hope planted seeds Regenerate new learning Peace be with you all In winter’s slumber New growth will be evident Next year’s flowers shine Blessitude Lorrie 8/31/14

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