Dr. Wayne W. Dyer ~ I Miss You


One lonely tear

magnifies the hole placed in my heart

when you left

We were so close to meeting

you and I

and the energy we would have created

would have been so full of miracles

But the time has passed

and so has your soul

and I am left here to wonder

why events occurred in the time that they did

and how we could have been so close

and yet so far

And I feel a void

a darkness

for what could have been

A light

a beautiful brilliance

that worked toward such good

has dimmed to a laser beam

straight into the night sky

And I believe

there may just be

a new star in the sky up there

and when I walk

out into the darkness

I will look skyward

and know deep in my soul

that you still shine

and there’s still a twinkle in your eye

and I will make a wish

upon your star

and my wish will be held

in the loving energy

that you bestowed

upon the world

Dear man,

beautiful soul,

gentle teacher,

I miss you ❤


Lorrie ❤


I feel such a profound loss at the passing of Dr. Wayne W. Dyer.  Beautiful soul, trusted mentor, his light will always shine from above but his essence will be sorely missed in this earth plane.  I had good reason to believe that I would meet him in person in two weeks and I had daydreamed many times of how that meeting would go.  I was so very excited.

Then my sister called and I knew before she even said the words that he had passed.

The pain almost seemed too great to comprehend in that moment as I selfishly realized that my dream of meeting him would always be just that, a dream.  But then I remembered the reasons I wanted to meet him in the first place and the warmest feeling of love caressed me from beyond.  Beyond the existence that my body occupied, and into the realm where I know he will always live with me. 

I am so grateful for all you taught me, Dr. Wayne, and I will always see your smiling face and those incredibly twinkling eyes.  I will honor your memory by being the best version, the most authentic version, of me.  And I will always expect a miracle!!

My heart goes out to Dr. Wayne’s family and close friends…I can not imagine the size of the hole in their hearts ❤


Lorrie ❤

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My healing journey on the continuum of "It's all wrong" to "It's all right!" I love art and the creative process, reading, writing, and playing tennis.

60 thoughts on “Dr. Wayne W. Dyer ~ I Miss You

  1. What a beautiful tribute Lorrie, and I believe that Dr. Dyer’s legacy lives on through you in the courage and compassion in the way you express and share your heart. Much love, Harlon


    1. Wow, Harlon!! Such an incredibly beautiful thing to say…I know that my heart was touched by him for sure…and if I can honor his memory in any way I would be so filled with grace!! Thank you for your ever present energy of love…I hope all is super for you and that this Sunday finds you playful!! ❤

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  2. Lorrie …so tenderly written and inspiring …I must admit I have never read his work , but will now as I very much admire you not only as a beautiful writer but a compassionate and lovely friend …blessings of peace to you and always love , megxxx


    1. Thank you beautiful soul!! Your heart is so wonderful…whenever I see a comment from you I get excited because I know it will be filled with love and kindness!! Yes…Dr. Wayne was very important to me…and his words live on as does his eternal soul. Thank you, Meg! ❤

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        1. Oh!!! Big Blue!!! You will not be disappointed, Meg. It is not a sit down in one day and read kind of book. I usually start my day with a little reading…and a lesson. Then there are times that I may not read for a while…and I don’t know why that is. But I have learned not to question things as I believe EVERYTHING happens when and how it is supposed to! Much love, Meg. So happy you told me! ❤

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          1. Hi Lorrie – me again! sorry to bother you, but I just read ” …EVERYTHING happens when and how it is is supposed to!” in your message above to “Meg” and it jumped out at me because I have written those exact words in my latest post! Wow! If this isn’t synchronicity …!! 🙂 Blessings 🙂

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  3. Dear Lorrie I am glad I saw this post. Wayne was and still is a big part of our community in Maui, as you know in your heart, he had no fear of death as the end, and ‘Knew’ that life was eternal. His family posted a comment that even though his physical presence will be missed they knew he was on a new fabulous journey. I was fortunate to hang out with him and see the process he had gone through to inspire others to see their magnificent ‘divine’ selves. You may have known he was in foster care as a youngster, living through the diversity that opened so many doors for him and so many. His strength’s were passed on through the spiritual truth you live by. This is how we become that with which we seek, YOU MET HIM IN YOUR HEART, now and always living inside you. I sat with him and his friends when he had just created the movie ‘the shift’ at a friends home, and knew then we had a peak into our ‘new earth’, expressing as one with each others hearts. Each time you think of him know that he is continuing his work through all of us, connected forever. from my heart to yours Lorrie seeing only peace. Robyn


    1. Ah! Heart to Heart Robyn…where to begin? First, I knew in my heart that you had a connection with Dr. Wayne. Of course I knew you both lived on Maui, but it seemed impossible that your energies would not have found each other!!

      Your words are so beautiful and comforting to me and I am grateful…so very grateful to feel them. I know I ‘met him in my heart’ and that he continues to live there as well. Yes…he will teach us all for all time.

      I hope that you are well and that love is vibrating in your soul (I know it is!) I have just transitioned back to the south and will be “connected” again soon. Much love and many blessings to you my dear friend. Thank you so much for this gift ♡♡♡

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