My Friend’s New Book! :)


In a week that was filled with very powerful emotions and deep understanding, I am filled with gratitude.  I can think of no better way to release some of this grace than to introduce my friend and recently published author, Michael Mark.

Michael’s book, ‘A Cannon, a Heart, and Now This…’ PROSE POETRY, is a compilation of work that exudes LOVE that stems from the energy of creation!  He is a master at taking the reader on a spiritual journey, with twists and turns, with questions and answers, and with beauty that comes from a very pure space.

I adore Michael’s work, and his soul!  I was so excited when his book arrived in the mail and the energy I feel when I hold it in my hands is nothing less than incredible!!

If you have not met Michael, he writes at his blog, Embracing Forever.

I wish you all a week filled with love and beauty!


Lorrie <3


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18 thoughts on “My Friend’s New Book! :)

    1. Hi Hariod 🙂 Giant smile!! It is nice to share Michael’s beautiful accomplishment…and nice to share cover space with you 😉 Hope you have a wonderful Sunday…Are you watching the US Open at all? I have gone in years past, but it is SOOOO crowded now…I think they may be selling too many grounds passes. I have a front row seat in front of my telly!! <3

      1. I have no T.V. Lorrie, so no, although I am monitoring Andy and Roger’s progress, and Rafa’s lack of it. The William’s sisters are due to meet if they get through their next game aren’t they? H <3

        1. Yes…if they both win today…they will meet next! I think perhaps it could be the hardest match they would have to play against each other. I have two sisters and can only imagine the emotions involved with wanting to win the match and yet being the one to block such a moment in history. No T.V., Hariod…wow!!

  1. Many thanks, Lorrie, for your encouragement of this project both before and after, and for your heartfelt participation in it! I am very grateful to you… Michael

    1. Hi Kirt!! I’m so happy you visited ‘Embracing Forever!’ Michael’s work speaks to me at the very center of my soul. Thank you for your wonderful support, Kirt 🙂 Have a blessed day!

  2. I have a copy now too ! I can barely breath just holding it in my hands …your comment on the back cover Lorrie about that “secret window to the soul ” is very profoundly true of dear Michaels writings . I’m extremely grateful to both of you for the loving blessings you have blazed into my life . Love , your friend , megxxx

    1. Oh, Meg!!! I can feel the energy you speak of!! And you know that I adore Michael’s work…it is profound…and powerful…and so spiritual!! I am so happy that we connected. I believe it was through Michael’s blog so that is another reason for me to be so grateful!! 😉 You are a treasure to me…wishing you all good things <3

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