My Friend’s New Book! :)


In a week that was filled with very powerful emotions and deep understanding, I am filled with gratitude.  I can think of no better way to release some of this grace than to introduce my friend and recently published author, Michael Mark.

Michael’s book, ‘A Cannon, a Heart, and Now This…’ PROSE POETRY, is a compilation of work that exudes LOVE that stems from the energy of creation!  He is a master at taking the reader on a spiritual journey, with twists and turns, with questions and answers, and with beauty that comes from a very pure space.

I adore Michael’s work, and his soul!  I was so excited when his book arrived in the mail and the energy I feel when I hold it in my hands is nothing less than incredible!!

If you have not met Michael, he writes at his blog, Embracing Forever.

I wish you all a week filled with love and beauty!


Lorrie ❤


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18 thoughts on “My Friend’s New Book! :)

    1. Hi Hariod 🙂 Giant smile!! It is nice to share Michael’s beautiful accomplishment…and nice to share cover space with you 😉 Hope you have a wonderful Sunday…Are you watching the US Open at all? I have gone in years past, but it is SOOOO crowded now…I think they may be selling too many grounds passes. I have a front row seat in front of my telly!! ❤

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      1. I have no T.V. Lorrie, so no, although I am monitoring Andy and Roger’s progress, and Rafa’s lack of it. The William’s sisters are due to meet if they get through their next game aren’t they? H ❤


        1. Yes…if they both win today…they will meet next! I think perhaps it could be the hardest match they would have to play against each other. I have two sisters and can only imagine the emotions involved with wanting to win the match and yet being the one to block such a moment in history. No T.V., Hariod…wow!!

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  1. I have a copy now too ! I can barely breath just holding it in my hands …your comment on the back cover Lorrie about that “secret window to the soul ” is very profoundly true of dear Michaels writings . I’m extremely grateful to both of you for the loving blessings you have blazed into my life . Love , your friend , megxxx


    1. Oh, Meg!!! I can feel the energy you speak of!! And you know that I adore Michael’s work…it is profound…and powerful…and so spiritual!! I am so happy that we connected. I believe it was through Michael’s blog so that is another reason for me to be so grateful!! 😉 You are a treasure to me…wishing you all good things ❤


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