A Relapse of Lyme Disease ~ And I Thought I was Done With That!


My heart just couldn’t go there

My mind dared to travel down the road

Short distances…before it turned back

Because it too

Could not stand to face the scenery

Just beyond awareness

After all,

I already traveled down that road

I already met with

all the possible experiences on that route

I met them…

I lived them…

I lived THROUGH them…


I thought I learned

All I needed to learn

And I thought I felt

All I needed to feel

But I guess I was wrong.



Lorrie ❤


Hi friends.  I’ve been a bit absent as I have had a few things to deal with, the least of which is the return of serious symptoms of Lyme Disease.

This post is part of a series of writings that flowed from this experience.  The links below are listed in order and will be active just after each post is published.  Thanks for taking the ride 🙂  Lorrie

  1. And I Thought I Was Done With That!
  2. I Already Fought This War
  3. Like a Ton of Bricks
  4. I Was Positive It Would Never Return
  5. You Can’t Control Everything
  6. Failure
  7. The List
  8. The Treatment
  9. I’m in The Happiest Place on Earth
  10. She Asked Me What It Feels Like
  11. Game On!
  12. A Pep Talk From An Angel

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My healing journey on the continuum of "It's all wrong" to "It's all right!" I love art and the creative process, reading, writing, and playing tennis.

99 thoughts on “A Relapse of Lyme Disease ~ And I Thought I was Done With That!

  1. Lorrie, here I am to thank you for visiting my blog and the follow, when I see that you have greater concerns than knowing how grateful I am for this connection. I can see that you have great love flowing toward you from the thread of comments I have read, and I just wanted to add my love as well. I know so little about the disease apart from what I’ve read quickly through here, but I hope that you have the energy and strength and courage to fight it – you are a winner in my eyes.


    1. Oh, Marie (?) You have touched my heart…and please…I am so happy to hear of your gratitude…and always have time to keep the connection! Blogging has been such a blessing for me. To be able to connect with like minded light workers who extend real love has been an incredible journey for me. I’m so happy to connect with you and thank you for your support and kind words. I hope that you are wrapped in the arms of love ♡

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