The Answer is (still) Blowin’ In the Wind

Under a full moon
With time pushed back
The questions linger in a mind
That tries to make sense
Of the madness
Pieces swirl in the ether of unrest
And a heart that feels so deeply
Lies tangled with the broken promises
Of a lost friend.

Lorrie <3

I woke the other morning and the song ‘Blowin’ in the Wind’ wouldn’t stop playing in my head. I ignored it as best I could, and then finally I looked up the lyrics on my phone. I was “blown” away at how this powerful song is as relevant today as it was when Bob Dylan wrote it in 1962. I heard that it only took him ten minutes to write. His soul cried out with pen and paper.

Blowin’ in the Wind

Bob Dylan

How many roads must a man walk down
Before you call him a man?
How many seas must a white dove sail
Before she sleeps in the sand?
Yes, and how many times must the cannonballs fly
Before they’re forever banned?

The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind
The answer is blowin’ in the wind

Yes, and how many years must a mountain exist
Before it is washed to the sea?
And how many years can some people exist
Before they’re allowed to be free?
Yes, and how many times can a man turn his head
And pretend that he just doesn’t see?

The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind
The answer is blowin’ in the wind

Yes, and how many times must a man look up
Before he can see the sky?
And how many ears must one man have
Before he can hear people cry?
Yes, and how many deaths will it take ’til he knows
That too many people have died?

The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind
The answer is blowin’ in the wind

I hear the cries of our people! I feel the pain that permeates each individual soul as it walks this journey through these unchartered times. It doesn’t matter which side we stand on. It doesn’t matter which color, red or blue, we stand behind. What matters is that it seems we all make our decisions based in fear, and as long as we allow that emotion to stand front and center what comes from it will not look like LOVE.

I have strong opinions about this election. I have known exactly how I would vote for a long time. I will be sad if the election turns out the other way, but I will accept the result and move on. I pray every day that everyone else in our country will do the same. A lot can happen in four years, but it is only four years. We will get through this time no matter which candidate wins the election, but we won’t get through it easily if we continue to stand divided and turn against each other with hate and anger.


This is a wish for peace. This is a prayer for LOVE. This is a call to be united!

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36 thoughts on “The Answer is (still) Blowin’ In the Wind

    1. Ah!! LOVE IT!!! 🙂 🙂
      When we put them together it sure makes beautiful music to my ears, Kristen! And to be honest…that song plays a lot on my playlist in my head 😉
      Hope you are well. I pray for a peaceful election and a peaceful people <3

  1. Thank you Lorrie! I stand with you and your vision for a united world living and choosing from love to create new systems for living and working the nurture people and planet. No more distracting and dividing us for the benefit of the few puppet masters. 🙏

    1. Thanks, Brad. Sometimes I sit and I try really hard to understand how this divide actually happened. Maybe it is just too many things rolled up in one, but I do believe that the answer is LOVE…it is always love.
      Hope you are well!

  2. Beautiful words Lorrie and you’re right, we need to make our decisions from a place of love and not fear if we want to see positive change. I truly hope people can look into their hearts and see that. Your words help.
    Blowing in the Wind is such wonderful and powerful song and so relevant even today. Love is never outdated, neither is hope or peace. I pray for all three. Thank you for a beautiful post. Blessings my wise friend. xx ❤️

    1. Love your response, Miriam 😊 I think most people don’t even realize when they are hanging out in fear energies. Time will tell how this election pans out here in the States. I have never felt such devisive energy before in my life…it makes me sad. I know that people think way differently, but that shouldn’t mean we can’t get along.
      Oh…enough of my soap box! I hope that you are well and busy creating! Have a wonderful week, Miriam 😊💜

      1. You can always get on your soap box with me Lorrie! That’s what it’s all about, expressing how we really feel. I’m well here, as I hope you are too. Fingers and everything crossed for a positive outcome with the election. Big hugs. 💜

    1. Hi Trini 😊 Thank you so much for adding your peaceful, loving energy! It truly is a mess here…people are angry and they do things they would not normally do. Relationships that once were strong and loving, have become very hard to maintain. It makes me sad. We will see what happens after the election tomorrow…I pray for peace!
      I hope you are well!! Love and light😊💜

    1. Hello my Dearest!!😊
      Bob Dylan is one of my favorites…his words touch on so many important issues of the times. The thing about that particular song is he wrote it when I was one year old…and it is every bit as relevant today all these years later!

      Thank you for your blessing to my homeland. I keep believing that we will wake up and remember love!!!
      Sweet Blessings, my friend. I hope you enJOY a wonderful week!! 💜💙💜💙

  3. I respect how you do not push your views onto others, Lorrie. God bless you for that! Regardless of who wins this election, all of us have to learn how to unite and stop this horrific division that let’s fact it, did not just happen in the past four years. I look back to the 60’s and unrest and protests were happening back then. This “thought” that someone is better then another because of economic status or color or culture, is wrong. When I took Anatomy do you know what I learned? All of us, no matter the color of our skin are the exact same on the inside. I walked away from that class deep in thought, not only amazed by the miracle all of us are, but by the fact people need to start loving one another. Before that happens, however, this darkness that is so rampant has to be purged so that love can reside in everyone’s heart. Keep shining, dear friend. And I really thank you for not including politics in your words. There is a lot more to life then this subject. Live in love …. simply just love. xoxo

    1. Hi Amy! Thank you for saying things I feel in my heart. I agree there has always been a level of division in our country, but somehow it feels much worse now. Love what you learned in your anatomy class…that YES!!!…we are all the same!! I don’t know why people have to have such fear about other people because of color/race/financial status…but they sure do. I have tried really hard to not make my blog a political forum…I believe that each and every person has a right to think/believe what they want…just as I do. And I also believe we can get along EVEN IF we think differently. But somewhere between then and now, a group of people decided that it is US or THEM!! And they spew fear into the masses…they make it sound like if THEY get what they want then WE can’t get what we want…and …that is not truth!!
      I hope all the hype turns out to be just that…and that we can start to heal and bridge the divide that seems so wide.
      Keep taking your magnificent photos and feeling the love from our creator! And thanks for leaving your energy here!!
      Love and light 💜🌞

      1. Lorrie, I made it my goal not to talk about religion or politics on my blog and especially now, that the kettle is boiling over, I will not. We all have choices. All of us. How it came down to either or, you or me, is honestly disgusting and I will have no part in that at all. We as a people, not only in this country but worldwide, have to learn how to respect and harmoniously live with one another. I’m so darn proud of you for not compromising and for staying true to yourself AND for not getting pulled into the drama. I’m shocked to see how many “artists” I know through WP get pulled into the political drama and start spewing stuff they have no business talking about. Yet I do not judge just pray or when my heart guides me, I do leave a comment that clearly says I will not in any way be pulled into a political debate.
        Have faith, Lorrie. There is so much garbage, so much misinformation out in media platforms, please just stay away from it. Shocks me to no end that people really believe what is being shoved at them. No, my world is based on love and Mother Nature is my means to stay there. You’re welcome for leaving my energy. THANK YOU for noticing. (smile) xo

        1. Your energy is always felt, Amy…especially in your artwork and words paired…I can really feel what you do when you see what you capture.
          Thanks for the props on keeping politics away from my blog. My dear Momma always said there were three things you shouldn’t talk about…money…religion…and politics. And boy, was her advice prudent! I see no need for people to get down and dirty. I, myself, lost a familial relationship because that person just couldn’t stop trying to shove their views down my throat…and not in a nice manner…in fact in a very aggressive manner. So…I have not had any contact with this person for 8 months! I also witnessed numerous friendships blow up because the people have opposing views and their fear makes them unable to coexist. Its a darn shame. I will continue on…calling for peace and praying for love in the hopes that people will realize that we are ALL CONNECTED!!!
          Sweet Blessings dear Amy 💜

          1. I saw both of your replies last evening as I was shutting down and being so weary just couldn’t respond in the manner you deserve. So this morning, I do.
            Lorrie, we don’t often cross paths often but when we do it is with such JOY I experience within our conversations we have. This phase of history brought to the surface intense fears for me that were meant to be faced. The hells I suffered through …. there were times I preferred death. Yet I kept going, more months then I care to remember shaking in terror as I witnessed conditions in our country I never imagined could happen. One by one, I faced those fears and rose above them. I have gained a strength and a confidence in myself never before experienced as I to this day live in a world I still do not recognize. But the fear is gone.
            Why am I saying this? Because I “sense” the very same in you. Your energy has become more solid, stronger, brighter, and yes more powerful. My sensitive nature has been ramped up intensely and today am able to “feel” in a way I did not think possible. Without you telling me, I KNOW you had your own journey of facing your own dragons and, Lorrie, you WON! I firmly believe you are now walking in your full power. Are there days when both of us are still shaky? Yes. But now we immediately address what is threatening our wellbeing and we do. I AM in awe of you for I understand the “hell” that must be walked through first before we arrive at the center of the storm and stay there. I congratulate you! You’ve done the work and no one, and I mean no one, will ever be able to take that from you! Ever!
            And now about your comment ….. I too have lost friends and some family to an extent. I refuse to compromise and allow those who are plagued with fear into my life. Fear is contagious and I guard with my life my mind, heart, soul, and well-being. I have every right to be ME and just because I think for myself does not make me the “enemy”. Again knowing what I went through to get to where I am today, I will not allow anyone to attempt to bring me down. Hubby and I are on the same page politically but we do differ on some “mandates” but I’ve come to respect what he “believes” and not fight him. I am not about to loose a 36 year marriage over what is happening in this upside down world. My heart goes out to you for loosing those you cared about yet I am proud of you for standing firm and strong! Good for you!
            I AM praying all day today as I walk in peace and in love. What a huge pleasure our conversation has been. The growth in you I see is tremendous and you really need to be proud of yourself for helping yourself into your Master shoes. Doesn’t it feel great?
            Sending you so much love and wishing you the very best week!!! Keep shining your light! Keep following your heart. And as you listen to your Inner Guidance all in your life will bring you JOY. xoxoxoxo

            1. Ah! Okay…trying to write this through eyes full of tears!! Not sad tears…no…not at all. These tears are hard won. These tears are trophies of having gone into the deepest darkest places and faced things that were quite unbelievable. And I say that because they are things that I would rather NOT be true…not be believed. But they were real. And whatever I personally did to bring those experiences to me (because I do believe we have a lot to do with how our lives appear) I am more proud of what I did to walk through those very dark hallways. I know we have connected before on very deep levels, Amy. I know we have talked and we both faced some of the same trials and tribulations. I am so grateful for our connection. And I thank you…literally from my soul…that you recognize the power I feel. You recognize that I have been able to cut through the BS and clear out the clutter and be able to listen to the authentic yearnings of my soul. The journey was long and it was most difficult…just like your journey. Some of the things I lost on the way have made me sad. But I would never trade what I have found to get any of it back. I feel sadness over the loss of one particular family member…but to be honest…that person is so tortured that I now see they could never connect with me on a level of authenticity because they have no idea what truth is!!! I pray for this person every day. I sometimes wish it could be different, but I don’t linger there because what I have gained is of utmost importance for the rest of my life.
              You…can only see in me what you have gained yourself!!!!! I am proud of you, too, Amy! I would suspect that we chose to be here during this time, and I sometimes think that I should be doing more to help others. I feel that there is a purpose for having gone through the life I did go through (as horrible as it was at times I survived! and you did too!) I feel compelled to reach people who could use the encouragement that it is possible to come out of the dark, dank well. I have a few books started…who knows…maybe I will finish one of them soon. I just can’t shake the idea that we have faced and slayed the dragons, like you said, and there MUST BE a reason that is bigger than us…there must be something we are supposed to do with this knowledge! I wonder if you feel this way at times too?
              Anyway…I will probably end up in your spam (you were correct…I found your response in my spam) for this long response…I hope you find it…because I want you to feel the love I send your way!!!
              Today there will be a shift…no matter who wins this election. Stay in peace and light dear Amy…we will not only survive no matter what happens…WE WILL THRIVE!! <3 <3 <3
              THANK YOU!!!

              1. Dearest Lorrie, know I’ve read what you wrote several times. Due to the extreme emotional stress that I allowed into my life yesterday, I must immediately get into Mother to ground and heal. What is occurring does not surprise me yet to actually witness the level of corruption to the extent that it is now being revealed, shocks my BEing. This is only the beginning for I feel strongly that this fraud will extend to National level. Voter fraud was witnessed in Savannah, Georgia where my brother lives and lawyers are going to be there today. God has got this, my friend. Politics is a dirty very intense “game” I up to this point in my life, never became involved in due to my extreme sensitive nature. I must get back to that place for I will not allow corruption to steal my created life. I’m confident that what needs to be seen will be, and what needs to be weeded out, will be as well. I pray peace on our Nation as Truth is revealed. Yes we will thrive when we persist on living in our own worlds without interference of the intensity of turmoil in today’s political realm. I send you my love and hold you dearly in my heart. (((HUGS))) xoxoxo

              2. Hi Amy…sorry I did not respond right away. I had a dental procedure and have been out of it for a few days…not mention this crazy election!
                I hope you have gotten what you need to restore your balance. I think it is so important to keep our energy clean…and you are right about the dirty energy of politics. When I was very young I worked for a municipality…and it didn’t take me long to understand how politics worked!
                I think our efforts to stay in love and to share beautiful energy is where we should focus. Stay well my friend. Everything else will work out!

    1. Thank you, Ka. Your very kind words touch my heart _/\_
      Bob Dylan really speaks to the times…I love so many of his ballads…he takes an important topic and shines the light of responsibility on it. I’m happy you enjoyed reading the lyrics…sometimes I have to “read” lyrics without the music to get a little deeper in the message…something about the written word…
      Much love!

  4. Your first observation really rang true to me. The lyrics to Bob Dylan’s song. I have noticed of late that many songs from that era are as pertinent now as they were then…..we were a nation divided at that time also….different issues, but still divided. I believe in the power of Love to get us through!!

    1. I’m right there with you, Kirt! Same feelings…different times…different issues. But I remember PEACE ✌ and Love 💜 and even Flower Power 🌺!! Ot seems history does repeat itself. I look to our younger generations and I am so proud that they are involved! Love is EVERYTHING!!
      Lots of blessings your way!

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